About REKAM Nusantara


The journey to establish and develop REKAM Nusantara started It all started in 2013.

Indonesia’s natural richness should absolutely be maintained and managed to the maximum extent possible for the prosperity of the nation, for the integrity and peace of the nation.

The flow of information does not keep up with the rate of environmental degradation, leading to the public being unaware of the true situations on the ground. Consequently, many are ignorant of the preservation of Indonesia’s nature.

Raising awareness of the conditions of the nature and environment is the base for our work. We call for collaborative work to mitigate and prevent the ongoing destruction, to capture the nation’s richness and disseminate it to communities, the government, and other parties both at national and international level.

We firmly believe that common spirit and goals will be able to drive creative means of communication.

This is what we do…

It requires dedication and commitment to produce a piece of work embodying messages, values and benefits. Below is what we do.


Partnership & Collaboration

In all the work, we need like-minded partners and we are happy to share our capacity to achieve common goals. With all the interesting experiences we have gained, It is important for REKAM Nusantara’s team to be always proud and optimistic.