We produces documentary work based on a very simple principle, communicate simple truths that reflect the poetic dimensions of the human soul in its connections with nature and environment in order to promote changes in Indonesia nature and cultures preservation


Shark trade in Indonesia has expanded from 2002 to 2011, Indonesia itself have exported 109,248 tons of shark products, or at least 13% of shark’s world production. Meanwhile, the domestic demand for shark products is also high, as we could easily see sharks being offered in restaurants or small shops in big cities.

In 2013, we started a research on Shark Consumption Level in DKI Jakarta, Surabaya and Makassar. The result shows that shark consumption level in Jakarta were 23.040 – 86.400 serving/year or 15.840 kg shark fins, Makassar’s consumption level was 20.160 serving/year or 3.960 kg shark fins and Surabaya’s was 48 kg/year shark fins and 19.200-96.000 kg/year sharks meats.

In 2017, research on “The Sharks and Rays Conservation Research: Media analysis and communication strategy” conducted in respond to the needs to build a narrative on the importance of conservation of sharks and rays. The result shows that it is very important to build the solution stories, in the positive narrative tone, of true concepts and perceptions of sharks and rays for future generations.

With the increasingly overwhelming number of demand for its products, sharks and rays fisheries plays major roles and delivered economic impact in Indonesia (FAO 2015).

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Shark and ray have a big role in our ocean. Yet, only a few people who understand about their critical roles within our ocean in which they give a big impact for humans. Shark and ray are healthy indicator of our ocean.

Misperception amidst people about shark and ray has become factor of unpopularity of shark and ray as heroes in the ocean. In many films, particularly after Jaws film had renowned since 1975, shark has been described as a cruel animal, human predator, and threat in the ocean. Not only shark, people also assume that ray is a threat and danger within our ocean.

News on shark-fin and Manta Ray’s gill hunting or its illegal catching have been more highlighted in any media, compared to its utilization of sustainable fishing; including shark and ray. However, shark and ray have enormous potentials if these are ruled in a fair and sustainable manner. It is our homework, and also big challenge for shark and ray fishing management in Indonesia.


Knowledge and awareness of the importances of shark and ray are still lower than any other exotic animals. Misunderstanding of these creatures has been raised by the perceptions of which shark and ray are terrible animals and threat for humans.

Education toward shark and ray in the ocean, and its regulation within shark and ray’s catching are low in practice. Meanwhile, both are still being targeted in which they have economic value. So, it is a responsibility to have communications strategy and education to raise public awareness toward the importance of shark and ray, their fishing regulation, and its benefit sustainably.


#SobatHiuPari is both offline and online campaign that we’ve done for over 6 months, and partnered with Wildlife Conservation Society-Indonesia Program (WCS-IP). We choose digital media because it is the most potential communication resource to disseminate informations with as much as 130 million internet users in Indonesia.

We realize that marketing content is one of powerful “weapons” to scale up public knowledge on shark and ray; what’s happening nowadays is how the roles and challenges are being faced, up to the importance of sustainable fishing sector.

We started this campaign from social media with various types of creative message and effort to raise awareness which had been designed interactively. Website hiupari.info has become a space for good visual media in a way to gain interests, to develop knowledge, and to persuade public in supporting shark and ray conservation.

#SobatHiuPari was launched on February 25, 2018 by involving institutions, academics, students, volunteers, and others who were interested to learn about shark and ray. This campaign, we hope as if this would be a part of enhancing knowledge and awareness of shark and ray in Indonesia.