Some software I have as part of my system downloads new versions of programs I utilize on a daily basis. And it happens during sometimes when I’m not near my computer. If the upgrade isn’t compatible with something I have already installed on my computer, this could be a problem.

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On Wednesday morning, we were delivered a bouquet of flowers. And a message that we should not cook or order a dinner that evening. Both our daughters do the best they can to cheer us up, looking forward to adventures that are on our bucket list. Some East Phillips organizers aren’t satisfied with that answer, including Clark, who has remained involved. In a statement released this week, she argued that demolishing the building and adding the city’s fleet of commercial vehicles would only increase traffic and pollution in a neighborhood already burdened with more than its fair share. That’s to say nothing of the demolition debris, which she worries may release some of those decades old traces of arsenic..

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