“Vegetable soup is on the daily lunch menu when I am working from home,” says Dr. Joan Salge Blake, EdD, RDN, nutrition professor, Boston University and the host of the hit nutrition and health podcast, SpotOn!. “Soup is a warm, comfort food that makes me feel as though I am dining with a friend even when I am slurping it alone in my kitchen.” Salge Blake says that on weekend, she makes a big pot of “homemade” soup by combining two cans each of vegetable soup, drained black beans and diced tomatoes along with 2 tablespoon of an Italian seasoning blend from a jar.

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Kaepernick has accused white people and convicted them without a trial. He and other black radicals have decided that whites are bad people that discriminate against blacks and white cops are bad people that discriminate against black men. He has decided that blacks are oppressed by whites.

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