The images capture scenes of celebration from United’s many triumphs domestically, in Europe and on the world stage as well as triumphant homecomings attracting hundreds of thousands of fans in Manchester. And there are a few candid shots from off the pitch that should make you smile and maybe reminisce a little. Scroll through our gallery below:.

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Preseason practices start next Tuesday, and Edsall hired from Connecticut said he will be required to sing the Maryland fight song at the opening along with the other rookies. “Everybody who is new to Maryland must sing the Maryland song,” said senior running back Davin Meggett, who accompanied Edsall on Monday. “It’s just a rite of passage.”.

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Brady and coach Bill Belichick will be seeking their and the Patriots’ fifth Lombardi Trophy, and second in three years. This will be the franchise’s league record ninth appearance in the Super Bowl, including titles in the 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2015 editions. The Falcons have never won the Super Bowl.

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