The CFL top rookie in 2010 left for the Minnesota Vikings last off season, but, when he returned to the Lions, he found Adam Bighill had taken over his middle linebacker spot quite nicely. So now he a talented player without a team. He is going to try the NFL again, but if things don work out, he will be wanted..

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Some studies have reported higher estimates, including this look at 11 countries in Europe which had initial reproduction numbers of 3.8. Even with physical distancing measures, the R0 was still 1.4, indicating continued spread. It appears very difficult to get this below 1, although several countries have done so.

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One of the most important wisdom from ancient times is that everyone and everything is made of shen, qi and jing. In long established Chinese traditions, these essential qualities were referred to as the “Three Treasures” that were essential for sustaining human life. Shen includes soul, heart and mind.

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