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But I thought about Henry Hudson and Robert Scott and decided to press on. I wandered around the store and hoped I wouldn get lost. I thought about finding the bakery, buying some bread and leaving bread crumbs around Hansel and Gretel style so I could find my way out, but it looks like they keep the floor so clean it probably wouldn work.

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Thanks to a $4,900 PRO Neighborhoods grant we were able to purchase a farm scale hammermill and mount it to a trailer to make it mobile. We take the mill to various public milling events around the community to which folks can conveniently bring their harvested mesquite pods (fig. 33).

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We know that this issue is important and we urge you to go to grassroots leaders and seek comment from them.”Farmer adds, “Examples include Next Level Boys Academy in Atlanta, Latonya Gates of PAW Kids in Atlanta, Zakiya Sankara Jabar out of Maryland. Rev. Ben McBride and Pastor Michael McBride out of Oakland, Mary Hooks with Southerners on New Ground in Atlanta, Ash Lee Henderson of the Highlander Center in Tennessee.

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