McGovern ended up finishing in the top 10 of each drill he did. He followed up his 28 reps on the bench (tied for ninth among offensive linemen) Thursday by going through blocking drills and some of the agility tests on Friday. He turned in a broad jump of 9 4 (t eighth), a three cone time of 7.66 seconds (t eighth) and a 20 yard shuttle of 4.57 seconds (ninth)..

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It is not too much to say that Yushchenko is risking his life in the hope of being able to change his country and to secure freedom for the people of Ukraine. What he and the opposition have asked for from the West is assistance to see to it that the elections are fair. You wouldn’t think that was too much to ask from an Administration whose “first foreign policy resolution for 2004 is ‘to expand freedom.'”.

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