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Erie Canal from Lock E 2 in Waterford to Lock E 9 in RotterdamExcept for Locks E 7 (Niskayuna), E 8 (Scotia), and E 9 (Rotterdam) these locks are forecast to open between July 20 and Aug. 10Champlain Canal from Lock C 1 in Waterford to Lock C 12 in WhitehallExcept for Lock C 12 (Whitehall), which is forecast to open on Aug. 10.

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For a taste of New England, opt for the Wellfleet Clam Bacon. Pond starts with his hand stretched dough, which he makes with a 16 year old sourdough starter and ferments for up to 30 hours. Once the dough is ready, he slathers on a clam sauce seasoned with hot peppers and parsley, then heaps on meaty Wellfleet cherry stone clams from Cape Cod and hefty slabs of thick cut bacon.

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