Just got stagnant. We got to keep moving. I feel like, a lot of times, we were just kind of just watching me. Supermodels in the 90s gave sensuality a brand new meaning to fashion bringing a whole new degree of oomph and sophistication. While the lifestyle of supermodels has often been taken to the whipping post revealing the dark side of their success, what’s not often glorified is the effort and struggle it has taken models to reach the top. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication to remain committed professionally towards modeling assignments.

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Honoured to sign my first NHL contract with the Penguins, Legare wrote. Dream coming true that wouldn (have) been possible without the help of my family, my friends, my coaches and all my teammates!! Thank you. Three year contract won start until his junior career is over.

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Chief minister Mamata Banerjee summed things up in her press briefing at 11pm on Wednesday when she said all she was seeing around her was destruction and misery. Have we even been able to gauge the scale of destruction yet? Not fully. With roads blocked and blown away, thousands of villages are still beyond the reach of rescue personnel and government officials.

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