But the problem lies when being thin and being fit are thought to similar. There is a vast difference between the two of them. Make a choice to go after healing. “The Mad Bomber” Daryle Lamonica got this nickname after being traded from the Buffalo Bills to Oakland in 1967 and he unleashed a deep passing game with the Raiders for the next several seasons. He was the quarterback in the infamous “Heidi” game in 1968 as he led the Raiders to a 43 32 comeback win over the Jets. Finished with more than 19,000 yards passing and 164 touchdowns..

USC had a new defense to install, new coaches to integrate, and a new mentality to embrace. It had a rising sophomore quarterback ready to take the leap and an uncertain situation along the offensive line. With 18 returning starters, there were a lot of reasons to hope for a productive spring, especially with such an uncertain fall ahead for USC’s coach..

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