Like I said, I have a bunch of great guys ahead of me who show me how to be a professional. If you take too much time looking at the stats and drinking the Kool Aid, you lose your appetite. I just try to put it behind me and move forward.”. Same thing happened with most of the picks There was a friend or relative at Henry Ruggs III draft party the guy with his white hat on backwards at the far right of the screen who either didn realize he was on TV or didn give a damn. For whatever reason, he was in some kind of foul mood. Ruggs, meanwhile, was as cool as cool gets.

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Although both players were good on the D line, it makes you wonder whether adding the extra weight and moving them away from their natural position was better or worse. In general, Michigan needs better athletes at linebacker if we going to have a competitive, championship caliber defense. We can keep populating the position with walk ons, undersized guys, and players who migrate over to the position from somewhere else.

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