Candidates should possess superior organizational skills and a strong work ethic. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience preferred. WHDH TV is an Equal Opportunity Employer.. “We’ll go in and take care of our patients normally, some of them will be in isolation depending on how sick they are.”During the pandemic though, things have changed drastically for all nurses, including Galdieri.”Now, we still have three patients but now a lot of them are in isolation because of COVID 19 and everything,” Galdieri said. “So, we have to have full blown isolation gear and have (n95 masks) on our face which is really hard to breathe, and we have to wear masks even when we aren’t in the COVID rooms.”It is good that we are wearing them, but it is rough. I work 12 hours each day and its rough to wear them all day.”This pandemic has also changed how each of these nurses does their job.”It’s hard because no matter what we can’t be in those rooms as much as we want too,” Galdieri said.

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