Watching No. 12 square off against No. They boast a trio of wide receivers, a solid rushing attack, an offensive line capable of blocking for those running backs, and a veteran quarterback who seems to have fond the fountain of youth.. Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer says that he hopes injury doesn’t force his hand when it comes time to step away from tennis amid Andy Murray’s tearful announcement that his career is coming to an end due to a hip problem.Federer, the most successful male player in tennis history, has seen unprecedented success throughout his professional career but as gets set to begin his 21st season, questions have begun to be asked as to his exit strategy from the sport he has dominated for the best part of two decades.Switzerland’s Roger Federer holds the winner’s trophy after beating Croatia’s Marin Cilic in their men’s singles final match, during the presentation on the last day of the 2017 Wimbledon Championships Adrian DENNIS / AFPOn Friday, Federer’s frequent foe Andy Murray announced that he would soon be ending his career after failing to adequately recover from a hip injury which has stymied his progress since 2017 and Federer says that he hopes to avoid a similar fate.”I hope it doesn’t end with an injury,” Federer said to CNN of his own career.”I’d like to go out on my terms. I don’t have the fairytale ending in my head saying there has to be another title somewhere, and then I have to announce it big and say, that was it, by the way, guys. I don’t have to have it that way.

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