25, 2016 in El Diamante, Colombia. The peace agreement attempts to end the 52 year old guerrilla war between the FARC and the state, the longest running armed conflict in the Americas which left 220,000 dead. The final agreement is set to be signed on September 26 and will then be put to vote by the public in a referendum on October 2.

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As a result, Hong Kong is considered to be a “special administrative region” of China and has a separate status for trading purposes with the United States. Hong Kong’s wealth and freedom were always an implicit repudiation of the Communist Party’s aspirations. If Hong Kongers could benefit without the party’s control, why couldn’t the rest of China? Conversely, for Hong Kong citizens, if they could prosper without direct Chinese rule, why not go all the way and become a Western style democracy like Taiwan culturally Chinese with a Western style political economy? The conflict was clear to anyone following this gambit: Either China had to become more like Hong Kong, or Hong Kong had to become more like China..

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