It’s definitely been a tough season for GIANTS fans, to say the least. Despite a promising 5 0 start, the team then suffered four straight losses, and who can forget that closing seconds debacle against the Chargers on November 8th, or their absolute turkey of a performance against the Broncos on Thanksgiving. And yet, with this past Sunday’s win over the Cowboys, the GIANTS have definitely given a lift to their playoff hopes and to their fans.

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Muse ftera ses 20 ans en 2009. Christian Chenail, le crateur qui signe cette griffe incontournable de la mode qubcoise, s’est tourn vers le design aprs des tudes en architecture. Celui qui a prfr l’tude des silhouettes l’chafaudage de structures s’affaire chaque saison traduire sa vision de la garde robe moderne.

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