Model Shop is a well known modeling agency here in the Philippines, which started in 1998. It is the home of professional and talented models for fashion shows, print ads, TV, commercials, films, and special events. Model Shop offers full service casting for local and international projects.

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My In laws’ Retirement Experience in KalamazooWhen Kayle Rice and I married in 1995, we were middle aged I in my early 50s and she in her early 40s. Her parents, Don and Louise Rice, were then in their early 70s. They had been high school classmates in Kalamazoo, and they had dated and married when Don came back after serving in the Marines in the Pacific in World War 2.

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Midwest Region Creighton University tops the charts in the Midwest region. Creighton has a strong biology/chemistry program that students take in order to pursue further education in the Veterinary Medicine area. They have an early application deadline set in January.

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