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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Raising the cap on how much the state can invest in New Mexico based businesses through the Severance Tax Permanent Fund Broadening the state sex offender registration rules, including for offenders who visit New Mexico from out of state Imposing in state residency requirements on people enrolled in the medical cannabis program Establishing a $25 million trust fund to address the needs of seniors, veterans and adults with cheap nfl jerseys disabilities Approving tax credits for electric vehicles and solar energy projects Creating an office to work on importing medicine from Canada to help reduce drug costsIn odd numbered years, New Mexico holds 60 day legislative sessions that are open to any topic introduced by lawmakers. A similar constitutional amendment was approved by Colorado voters in 1992House Minority Leader Rod Montoya, R Farmington, said he would introduce the proposal, which would require voter approval to become law, even if it passes both chambers of the Legislature. Approval from the governor isn required to add it to the legislative agenda or to send it to votersThe proposal would limit annual spending by the state, send a portion of budget surpluses back to the public as a tax rebate and make it harder to approve tax increasesMexico taxpayers deserve fiscal responsibility and protection from excessive government spending, Montoya saidSome of the bills Lujan Grisham announced Wednesday have already been pre filed for the session, which begins Tuesday Cheap Jerseys free shipping.