“The biggest challenge for us is teaching them how to sit at the computer, how to use the mouse, how cheap jerseys to enter their password,” Mathis says. Rocketship has three charters around San Jose. At Mateo Sheedy Elementary, kids rotate through classes they way high schoolers do.

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Cowards and crooks will never become extinct, after all. And the last man who died to save the world, well.But the reason we build statues to people and how many Americans born after the bicentennial already have their own statue, as Tillman does outside University of Phoenix Stadium? is so we remember never to forget them.Tillman was not exemplary because he was an NFL athlete. Not even because he was an Army Ranger.

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“I know coach has got a great list of candidates together and if he ask for input which he has, i’ll give him what we’re looking for,” Moorhead said. “But coach Krause has been doing a great job with them in the interim. You know, like coach has done; he’s always had a very thorough process of vetting candidates.

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