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My distinct unhappiness is pretty much intrinsic. I may not have as many things as some folks, but I have more than enough free time to enjoy them, were I so inclined. Given the lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to, pretty much alls I need is 3 hots and a cot.

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Cheap Jerseys china A prideful group. They were in the Super Bowl 10 months ago, Kingsbury said. Get their best shot. From The Replacements to “the” Replacement: The Jets’ two best players (though not their two most famous, whom we’ll get to) suffered serious injuries in the past two weeks. Superstar cornerback Darrelle Revis, who routinely shuts down the best opposing wide receiver, suffered a season ending knee injury last week, while the Jets’ own best wideout, Santonio Holmes, left Sunday’s game against San Francisco with a serious foot injury. Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez only wishes he had after being terrorized all day in a humiliating 34 0 loss Cheap Jerseys china.