Briefly explain your political platform and/or legislative goals if you are elected to office. Cannon: As Americans and as Idahoans, our heritage is one of freedomone of opportunityone of prosperity! The fuel which has historically propelled us in our aspiration for freedom, opportunity and prosperity has been capitalism. Our embrace of capitalism has delivered freedom, opportunity and prosperity at levels which have not been obtained by any other nation in the history of the world!.

Sharon Oakland, 78, placed mums on the grave of her father, also a Navy veteran in World War II. She watched from a distance as the motorcycles rolled by. “What they’ve done is remarkable given what’s going on with the virus,” she said. In the third quarter, Deonte Harris returned a punt 17 yards to the Atlanta 38 yard line to set cheap jerseys them up with good field position to start a drive. On third and eight, Brees was able to fit the ball into a tight window to Tre’Quan Smith with four defenders in the area. Smith was able to hold on to the ball, despite taking a vicious hit that sent his helmet rolling on the turf.

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