The Auburn Hospitality Tailgate is a celebratory event hosted by the Auburn Alumni Association prior to each home football game. The tailgate opens three hours before kickoff and closes 30 minutes before kickoff. Access to the tailgate is free to everyone.

wholesale nfl jerseys from china While being disproportionately hit by cases with 59 percent of Alexandria’s 1,233 cases that have an ethnic designation, there have, to date, been five Hispanic/Latino deaths among the 31 deaths for which we have an ethnic designation, which is 16 percent of total deaths in the city for which there is an ethnic identification.When calculated as a percentage of total cases by ethnicity, we found that the death rate among the Hispanic/Latino community was about 7.5 times lower than that of the non Hispanic/Latino community: a.69 percent death rate per case compared to a 5.15 percent death rate. And that percentage held up with the larger sample size from state wide data, where the per case Hispanic/Latino death rate was.86 percent, compared with 6.54 percent for non Hispanic/Latinos.It seems obvious that Hispanic/Latino residents in Alexandria as a group are younger than non Hispanic/Latino residents, and because hospitalizations and deaths per case spike dramatically with age, this accounts for their disproportionate number of cases, and also their dramatically lower death rate per case.This is borne out anecdotally, as well as by that suspect zip code data: Zip codes 22304 and 22305 have the highest number and percentage, respectively, of Hispanic/Latino residents in Alexandria, and they also have the two lowest median ages, as well as the lowest median household income.Furthermore, Alexandria’s age data for COVID 19 cases skews younger than that of Virginia as a whole. While the age 40 49 age group in Virginia as a whole has the most cases, in Alexandria it’s the 30 39 age group that has experienced the most cases. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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