Skinny: Christopher Martinez Is one of those athletic Quarterbacks you want to keep in the pocket simply because he is a nightmare when he ticks that ball and decides to run. I won’t go as far as to say he is athlete playing the Quarterback position because he makes the same amount of plays through the air. You don’t just have success on the 1 ranked 13u in the Country the Miami Gardens Ravens and not be considered one of the hottest prospects.

At last count, more than 15 million American children live in homes where they have witnessed domestic violence. That a lot of future financial issues for all of us to deal with from welfare and unemployment payments to probation and incarceration costs. The National Institutes of Health calculates the economic burden tied to this violent cycle to be more than $12 billion each year..

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So if there were no Christmas, how would you feel? I haven’t celebrated Christmas for many years. I don’t need Christmas to love my family, to give gifts, to share myself with outsiders. I practise ‘giving’ all year round. But in our quarantine fishbowl, my husband has a front row seat to the weird ways I spend my time. “Just sit down and write!” he’ll say, hands splayed at his temples. I’ll snap at him for being on my case and spying on me, he’ll snap at me for cleaning grout instead of writing, and then we’ll both stomp off angrily, surely thinking the same thing: When will this be over?.

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