Today I love thinking about peaches and strawberries and rhubarb and pears and all the things that punctuate the coming growing season here in Canada with sweetness and good tastes. I love that this year we have been eating things from our yard that we had never thought to eat before and some of them have been palatable, dandelion greens and chives are the best so far, but we waiting on the hosta shoots to see what they are like; I not sure if we get enough to more than just try them, we see. I love that this too is an adventure..

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Foundations can also provide certain kinds of gift funds that are not available with individual charities. As an example, El Adobe Corporation, which is administered by the Santa Barbara Foundation, operates as the equivalent to your own personal family foundation. With a minimum of $5,000 you can contribute to this fund and recommend how the money is used for any tax exempt organization within the United States..

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