The Bears’ first opponent is no pushover. The No. 7 Bruins are returning to the mainland after a trip to Hawaii for the Rainbow Wahine Shootout last week. Norman’s passion for football and personality make easy headlines. For all the attention the sports world gives Norman, it’s easy to forget that Norman is one of the smarter players in the NFL. Along with being physically capable to cover anyone, Norman is constantly reading QBs to cause a turnover.

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And that’s what I’m looking forward to. That got me right there. That’s what drives me and being able to run the ball and be myself and be physical and be a team player.”. One name to watch: Case Keenum. If the Lions want experience behind Stafford and that seems like a pretty good possibility Keenum has it, including in the division. He’s started 62 career games, including 14 games for the Vikings in 2017.

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I am not an expert at estimating crowds, but I would peg the number attending the Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory parade as slightly above 18,000. As many may recall, 18,000 used to be a popular figure around here. That was a familiar refrain for people who didn’t like hockey or didn’t get it: Even cheap jerseys though the old Chicago Stadium often had no empty seats on game nights, there still are no more than 18,000 hockey fans in Chicago..

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