La grande sp de Landry filles, c’est le poulet r la broche. Vous pouvez le commander en quart, en demi, ce que nous avons fait, ou m entier, ce que les grandes tabl font volontiers. Vous choisissez vos garnitures d’accompagnement, le tout prix doux et vous s de passer un bon moment.

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With increased home deliveries, you might be able to collect enough cardboard from your neighbors’ recycle bins (ask first it’s a little creepy to dig through other people’s discards without permission). Lay down the cardboard thickly, water it well, tamping it against the ground, then add at least 8 inches of compost, organic potting soil, dried leaves, vegetable trimmings, garden waste (minus weed seeds), lawn clippings (in moderation to avoid matting) and/or wood chips from local tree trimmers. Water each layer and cover with at least 4 inches of mulch.

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Would tell you that that word was at the core of the suspension, Pernetti said. Absolutely concerns me. It not acceptable. His choice of colleges came down to UC Berkeley and UCLA, but UC Berkeley had an advantage because of Piatt’s family connections to the school. His grandpa was an athlete at UC Berkeley, and his dad went to UC Berkeley for a couple of years. Plus, because Piatt grew up in nearby Moraga, California, Cal was the closest college team..

No visit to the Sunshine coast would be complete, without a day trip to historic Ronda. Famed for its stunning architecture and bull ring, it makes for a truly authentic Spanish experience. The breathtaking scenery is highlighted by the El Tajo gorge, which divides this small town into the old and new districts.

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