There is some justice to some of these charges. As we know, there can be domestic abuse, and child abuse, within family life. The obsession with family respectability drove many an unwed mother to misery. So precious is a grandmother’s love, grandchildren playfully fight for it. We fight to be most important, we joke about who she loved the most, we playfully fight over who was her favorite, and who can have the last chocolate pudding hidden deep in her fridge. Mom mom had no favorites.

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Because it comes from a landlord not a government hand out, and is tied to actual performance, it is a great way to show kids (AND PARENTS) that education is important. We all benefit good grades leads to; good jobs, learned responsibility, and respect for the property (lower maintenance for the landowner) and then they end up giving back to the community. Along the way, your good name gets spread around and that local banker helps you get another house when they see you are investing in the community.

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