Peter’s in Washington, DC. She said she was intrigued by the Dominican friars who taught RCIA at the parish.Amez Droz also appreciated the approach the parish took to RCIA, which was to include past participants who had already been received into the Church.”I knew every Tuesday night that there would be a group of people who were going to be there every time,” said Amez Droz. “That really made a big difference for me, because it showed me that people were still learning and they wanted to do that journey with us.”Still, even though she had put in that much effort to find the right RCIA fit, Amez Droz still was not entirely sold on entering the Church until just a few months before Easter Vigil.She told CNA that she was convinced after a period of intense study and reading.”It became more clear to me that I could never go back to my Protestant faith, just having read too much history,” she said.

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