Starting with players drafted in 2018, the fifth year option is now fully guaranteed at the time of a team picking it up. It was previously guaranteed only against injury at that time. So picking up a fifth year option will now be a higher risk move than it was.

“The local investigation into this case is marred by conflicts, inaction, [the second assigned prosecutor’s] very deliberate attempt to ensure that Mr. Arbery received no justice, and the current prosecutor’s total failure to act until social media forced his hand,” the letter writes. “The local police force can never be independent, as the elder McMichael used to work there.

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Starting with the Vivo X50 moniker on the reality show, Gizmochina reports that new branding in a reality TV show named ‘Go Fighting!’ in China has been spotted. The report shares an image wherein the Vivo X50 branding can clearly be seen on stage. This suggests that Vivo has already started marketing the device in the region, and launch may happen soon.

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